Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello...hello...anyone there?!

WOWWWWZA where have i been?!...does anyone still read this?! i need to dust off this ancient blogger..and get back into it! I need to step up my game!!! :( It has been eight or so LOOOONG months..and i have neglected this thing!!

Let me update you guys quickly with what i have been up to....with one word....WORK!!!! I am finally getting used to this new lifestyle although it might change up pretty soon! :( I work 5 days of the week...before work I hit the gym (do cardio for 30min-1hr..depends on if i still have time in the morning), WORK, lunch, back to work, dinner, tv, SLEEEEEP and get ready for the next day! :(

Like i said my schedule might be changing up pretty soon because I am thinking of going back to school to finish up some prereqs for pharmacy school! I have already graduated from a well known university with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. future plans are to get into pharmacy school......IF i get accepted :*( its a tough and competitive world out there! I would be soooooo ecstatic if i get accepted...but we will see...

ANYWAY...back to my blogpost (update)...I recently got back into working out and dieting..i think i MAY do a video on it or maybe just some weekly blogposts to share my journey with you guys..and to keep me motivated. I have this exercise and diet binder thing that i made from a previous time i tried to diet/exercise..and i write down my complete workout (which cardio machine i use, how many minutes, speed/resistance, calories burned, etc) and i also write down the food i eat during the day..and some calculations...and VIOLA! i also have a GREATTTT scale that calculates weight (of course), body fat %, water %, bone mass, BMI) so i also add that in my daily log as well. Maybe i will post up a picture of the daily log that i created...i made a page with all this info with blanks (made lots of copies) i could just fill it out every day! its definitely a good idea and keeps you on track!!! I will share my monthly numbers with you guys at the end of this week...NOT ACTUAL numbers...but lbs i have shed...% body fat i loss, BMI numbers, etc.

**share your weight loss stories with me to keep me motivated...or come on this weight loss journey with me...and share your weekly updates with me!! we can stay motivated together! :)) ***

OH YEAH...another good to take BEFORE pictures...and pictures DURING the journey (weekly, every 2 wks, or every month), and of course AFTER pictures!!! I am going to take monthly pictures wearing the same outfit i wore in my before pictures..which is a good idea so you can compare!! It was pretty embarrassing...i just looked at my before pictures (and i was wearing black shorts and a sports bra) UGHHHH! definitely not happy where i was...and still not happy where i am at...but i am definitely on the right track :) but definitely looking at before pictures motivates you to move forward and help you reach your goal!! :) lets all go on this journey together..we can do it! :))

SUMMER is coming in a few months = SUMMER BOD!!!

Ok enough about weight...i actually had a day off today from work (during the week..which is pretty rare) so guess what i did today?! YOUTUBE VIDEO! it was actually my one year on youtube this month (4/18) so i thought i would give you guys a gift...and finally record a MAKEUP COLLECTION and STORAGE video...and it turned out loooooooong! you guys asked for you got it!! i'll be happy if you guys get through half of my video..its that looong...SORRY!! :( probably be up sometime tomorrow since its going to take FOREVER to upload to YT!! HAPPY ONE YEAR TO MEEEEE!! whoohooooo.....