Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello...hello...anyone there?!

WOWWWWZA where have i been?!...does anyone still read this?! i need to dust off this ancient blogger..and get back into it! I need to step up my game!!! :( It has been eight or so LOOOONG months..and i have neglected this thing!!

Let me update you guys quickly with what i have been up to....with one word....WORK!!!! I am finally getting used to this new lifestyle although it might change up pretty soon! :( I work 5 days of the week...before work I hit the gym (do cardio for 30min-1hr..depends on if i still have time in the morning), WORK, lunch, back to work, dinner, tv, SLEEEEEP and get ready for the next day! :(

Like i said my schedule might be changing up pretty soon because I am thinking of going back to school to finish up some prereqs for pharmacy school! I have already graduated from a well known university with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. future plans are to get into pharmacy school......IF i get accepted :*( its a tough and competitive world out there! I would be soooooo ecstatic if i get accepted...but we will see...

ANYWAY...back to my blogpost (update)...I recently got back into working out and dieting..i think i MAY do a video on it or maybe just some weekly blogposts to share my journey with you guys..and to keep me motivated. I have this exercise and diet binder thing that i made from a previous time i tried to diet/exercise..and i write down my complete workout (which cardio machine i use, how many minutes, speed/resistance, calories burned, etc) and i also write down the food i eat during the day..and some calculations...and VIOLA! i also have a GREATTTT scale that calculates weight (of course), body fat %, water %, bone mass, BMI) so i also add that in my daily log as well. Maybe i will post up a picture of the daily log that i created...i made a page with all this info with blanks (made lots of copies) i could just fill it out every day! its definitely a good idea and keeps you on track!!! I will share my monthly numbers with you guys at the end of this week...NOT ACTUAL numbers...but lbs i have shed...% body fat i loss, BMI numbers, etc.

**share your weight loss stories with me to keep me motivated...or come on this weight loss journey with me...and share your weekly updates with me!! we can stay motivated together! :)) ***

OH YEAH...another good to take BEFORE pictures...and pictures DURING the journey (weekly, every 2 wks, or every month), and of course AFTER pictures!!! I am going to take monthly pictures wearing the same outfit i wore in my before pictures..which is a good idea so you can compare!! It was pretty embarrassing...i just looked at my before pictures (and i was wearing black shorts and a sports bra) UGHHHH! definitely not happy where i was...and still not happy where i am at...but i am definitely on the right track :) but definitely looking at before pictures motivates you to move forward and help you reach your goal!! :) lets all go on this journey together..we can do it! :))

SUMMER is coming in a few months = SUMMER BOD!!!

Ok enough about weight...i actually had a day off today from work (during the week..which is pretty rare) so guess what i did today?! YOUTUBE VIDEO! it was actually my one year on youtube this month (4/18) so i thought i would give you guys a gift...and finally record a MAKEUP COLLECTION and STORAGE video...and it turned out loooooooong! you guys asked for you got it!! i'll be happy if you guys get through half of my video..its that looong...SORRY!! :( probably be up sometime tomorrow since its going to take FOREVER to upload to YT!! HAPPY ONE YEAR TO MEEEEE!! whoohooooo.....

Monday, August 3, 2009


WOW!! So where have i been?!?


So first off... let me apologize for being MIA both on youtube and on blogger! :( Things have definitely been getting the best of me and I am definitely exhausted. So as most of you already know, I started my new job at the VERRRY end of MAY. So things were VERY hectic and stressing during that time..i definitely was learning A LOT about my current job..i was flooded with new information...just completely stressed out! I was still learning lots and also dealing with some rude customers... ARGHH! but I am definitely getting the hang of it..and am getting used to the system! :) so thats a good thing!!

I also have pretty much been working full time, which is a SUPER DUPER change from not working at all! I mean i've had other jobs before this one (retail when i was in high school)..but not an actual full time job! So i went from graduating from a university to studying independently to obtain a license for this im working full time. I am DEFINITELY not used to working 40 hour weeks.. and am still getting used to this routine lifestyle!! :(

MY ROUTINE (the past couple of weeks):
-wake up
-workout (30 minutes on the stairs, fat burning mode)
-cool down
-get ready
-finish work
-home (LATE evening)
-watch tv

YEAH...i am sooooo exhausted by the time i get home..that after work which is around 8-830pm i just want to knock out!!! especially since im still getting used to the 40 hr/wk.

BUT BESIDES this i'm still here.. im not going to let work keep me away from youtube and from blogger. I'm back!! and i just wanted to thank all those that have noticed i was missing..and have been asking where i've been!! no worries... :) im back!!

ANYWAYS...besides THAT update!! guess what?! im on the track to losing weight again! ughh! :( its a looooong journey that i seem to keep detouring from! Last year within 2.5 months (october-mid december) i lost about 35-40 lbs. I was getting closer to that body i've always wanted!! But somehow i detoured from reaching the finish goal! To get back on track..i started up again..this past week..its going to be a full week of diet AND exercise tomorrow! I started up again 7/28..and i will let you guys know how this works out! i'll give a short update every now and then to keep everyone updated and to also have you guys keep me in check!! i want to reach my goal by mid december (although thats 4.5 months from now) since im going to a family reunion. But i'll keep everyone posted with the results..bad OR good!

MORE TO UPDATE...GUESS WHAT (part 2)?! I got a new lappy!! I got the new apple macbook pro!! :) i decided to treat myself out since i've been working my booty off!! and my birthday just passed so i thought this would be my little bday present to myself!! happy birthday to ME! hahah!! im loving it..and thats what im using right now! whoohooo!

OK ENOUGH blabbing...this is what i get for not updating more frequently! hahah! :) but stay posted!! i'll be worries!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

REQUEST: Neutral look using drugstore products!!

Heyy ladies!! I am in the process of uploading a video on youtube at this very exact moment! HAHA it takes FOREVERRRR! anyways..this video was a request video (like most my videos hah) But I received 2 requests that were pretty similiar, so I decided that I should just combine the 2 and make everyone HAPPY :) So my first request was from livelovelexis and she asked me if i could do a neutral look using drugstore products! and my second request was from nadiaakhan and she asked if I could recreate my work/appropriate interview look but with less products! So this is the look I came up with! I hope you ladies enjoy!! :)) NOTE: pictures...EHHH hahahha! its like midnight! :(


Ok soo i cheated a bit because not everything I used in this look was from the drugstore! :X I didn't want to buy any foundation/powder from the drugstore because you can't even test them i was scared of buying the wrong shade! AND PLUS i already have a couple of MAC foundations/powders..i didn't want to spend money to add to the collection when I know I wouldn't be using it all that much! Especially during the summer I am definitely gonna stick to my MAC studio fix powder! its lightweight and I definitely don't need toooo much coverage! I also used my UDPP (thats a given)..and I used my shadester contour from MAC since I dont know of a good drugstore contour color! SOOOOO besides that and my face primer..everything else is drugstore! (i have good reasons though hahah)



-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-REVLON illuminance creme shadows(palette 710:Not Just Nudes:used 2nd & 4th color
-REVLON matte shadow: Peach Sorbet (lid color)
-REVLON matte shadow: Rich Sable (crease color)
-REVLON matte shadow: Vintage Lace (Highlight)

-Smashbox photofinish primer
-MAC Studio fix powder NC40
-MAC sculpt and shape duo: Shadester (contour)
-PHYSICIANS FORMULA: baked tan bronzer (cheeks)
-N.Y.C Chroma Face Glow: Sunstone (highlight)

-REVLON Mix & Mingle Lip Palette: Caramelt

I decided that I would just list all my products used plus pictures on my blog to make it easier on myself...since I would update the description box PLUS my took a lot of work! So I thought why not just put everything on here..since I do name every product used in my YT vids!! This is just easier on I don't have to update 2 things :))) Definitely start checking here..I will post SOME info in the YT description box..but not everything!

ANYWAY...i gotta get some sleep! I'm going to work finish up my pre-employment papers! :) and probably get trained! That is the main reason I thought I'd do this look again... :) because I'm going into work tomorrow! I'm definitely nervous and kinda excited! :X I don't really know what to expect since my jobs before this were just like retail jobs and teaching! sooo this is gonna be something new..I hope I'm not a klutz tomorrow! HAHAH! :)) Thanks the ladies who requested this!

AND TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS (both on blogger and YOUTUBE)...THANK YOU!!! i sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart...thanks for all your support and lovely comments :) On YT I reached over 1600+ subs in less than 1 1/2 months!! WOWWWZA!! and on here...20 subs.. :) That's not much..but it definitely is SOMETHING...and I THANK YOU!!! :) you guys inspire me to take time out of my day to create videos and to write blogs...all because of YOUUUUUU!!!!! I hope you guys are enjoying what I have to offer...and again THANK YOU (i can't say that enough!)

I will update AFTER my day at work tomorrow..HAHHAHA I don't even know what to expect! :X

And I will leave you with this...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

boredededed.... :)

BUENO errrbody! :)

I thought I would update you guys since I had some free time on my hands! :) I thought that this would be the perfect time!! I am actually at my friend's place..just hanging out! I thought we were gonna have a "dance class" today haha..last sunday I came by not expecting to dance haha but a friend was teaching other friends to dance and they told me to jump in! hahha so i did! and i looooved was like being in dance class again! It was definitely a type of dance that I haven't done before..HOUSE dancing! I caught on pretty quick and everyone was like WHOA..are you sure you haven't done this before? hahah i guess i learn dance quick since i took classes since i was in 3rd grade..and now i teach dance as well! :) But i started taking hula and tahitian classes..since 3rd grade..and then i started going to hip hop classes :) i was on my high school hip hop team and joined a san diego all-girl hip hop team! WHOOOHOO! Music and dance are definitely another passion of mine! :) I still teach hula and tahitian...and our group does paid shows as well as voluntary shows for good causes (just had a voluntary show 2 weekends ago for a breast cancer walk/event) :) getting off track... i said im at my friends house..cause i thought we were gonna dance again tonight! but the "dance teacher" isn't here! :( so i was just sitting around and waiting.. i was pretty excited cause it definitely is a workout! Last sunday when i started learning this new type of dance...i danced for about 2.5-3hours straight...and the next 3 days..i couldn't walk for crap! :((( my calves were sooo sore and tense ..just my legs in general! hahah it definitely is a good workout..i was sweating up a storm last sun! :) HULA/TAHITIAN(works out mid section of body) + HOUSE (works out legs) = PERFECT WORKOUT! HAHAHHAHAH!

AND another thing..(again i dont know if you readers watch my youtube vids) but in my introduction..i say that im just one of the guys..dont have too many GIRLfriends..and that i think im just one of the boys that has long hair and occasionally wears makeup! soo here i am waiting to dance in some effing baggy sweats..and a hoodie..with my nikes on. and here comes these 2 girls..super girly..flirting with the boys here..drinking..i dont know who they are! im super opposite from them! hahah awkward!! and here i BAGGY clothes..being one of the guys..! i dont know..i just dont have many girlfriends..they are too much drama! HAHAH! :)

ANYWAYS...enough about dance..guess what?! well im not sure if you guys have watched any of my youtube vids..but i did mention that I went to an interview (when i did my work appropriate/interview look) and i got good news from them the week or so after..:) but it was just taking them forever to put me into their system and i didn't want to jump into any conclusions!! ..but i got a call today..and guess what!! im finally hired! whoohoooo! now i got some $$$$ to support me and my addictions! I graduated from UCSD with a bach of science in biochemistry and cell biology in 07...then studied on my own to get a technician license for "something"..and i want to gain some experience working as a tech..because i WANT to go back to school..but we'll see where that goes! :))) But im pretty excited..kinda nervous to go back to work!

And im still waiting to dance...but now im getting sleepy! its 1040pm here..and i feel sooo blahh now! haha i want to workout! thats why i want to dance! it definitely gets my heart rate sky high and i sweat up a storm :) im halfway to my goal weight..and i need to get back on track!

Until next gonna keep "waiting"...HAHHAHA


Friday, May 22, 2009


HELLOOOOOOO :) I am back again..with ANOTHER request video!!

I've been getting loads of requests to do more nail here is yet another nail tutorial :) I came up with this original nail design awhile back..its one of my ALL TIME favorite nail designs!! Its sooo bold, so funky, so fun... and definitely eye catching!! You don't have to use the same nail polish colors I used..I actually thought up this design with 3 different colors (purple, magenta/hot pink, yellow) but i came up with this color combination the last time i did the nail design!! :) I hope you guys like/love this design as much as i LOVEEE it!

-lovelyannie8 (requested anything cute)
-weirdo008554789 (requested something creative)
-ohmygoshkimchii (more nail tuts)

-CHINA GLAZE strong adhesion base coat
-STRIPE RITE in black
-CHINA GLAZE in frostbite
-CHINA GLAZE in turned up turquoise
-CHINA GLAZE in solar power
-CHINA GLAZE fast forward top coat


STEP 1: apply a base coat

STEP 2: apply stripe rite in black...draw 3 diagonal lines in parallel (check out pictures)

STEP 3: apply China Glaze in frostbite (dark blue color) and color in between the lines

STEP 4: apply China Glaze in turned up turquoise and color in the middle of design

STEP 5: apply China Glaze in solar power to the last portion (corner of nail) of the design

STEP 6: reapply the stripe rite in black over the lines you previously made to redefine the lines

STEP 7: apply a top coat :)

AND YOU'RE DONE!!!! a great bold, colorful, funky look for you nails!! ENJOY!! :)

NAIL CARE request! :)

So i've been getting requests on how I maintain my nails/nail care!! So I thought that I would share with everyone!! But in no way, shape, or form am I saying that this is the correct way to take care of your nails..this is just how I PERSONALLY take care of my own nails! :) I actually forgot to take a picture of my nails AFTER the whole process because I went straight into doing another nail tutorial (BOLD FUNKY nail look). So right now my nails are DID haha! Ok so onto the nail care steps....


STEP 1: Take off previous nail polish with acetone and cotton

STEP 2: File tips of my nails down (don't like to cut my nails) with a coarse nail file (**NOTE** make sure you file in ONE direction and a time, and NOTTTT back and forth....this will weaken your nails and your nails will be more likely to chip, break, split!!)

STEP 3: Use a cuticle softener to push down cuticles and scrape up the gunk off your nails HAHAH! :) (i am using Sally Hansen's Problem Cuticle Remover ~$3-4 and a Revlon nail pusher ~$5)

Take the cuticle softener and apply it to you cuticles first, then massage it onto the rest of you nail (concentrate most on the cuticles)

Then take your nail/cuticle pusher and scrape the gunk off your nails and push your cuticles down (**NOTE** you DONT want to cut your cuticles because you will be more susceptible to infection, your cuticles are a BARRIER)

you can also add some cuticle softener to the back of each nail (if you have longer nails) and scrape/clean underneath the nail as well :)

STEP 4: Take a more gentle nail file and file the face of each nail :) (im using a file/buffer that I got at walmart for about 97cents!!)

STEP 5: I take Sally Hansen's Cuticle and Nail Refiner....this is kind of like a exfoliant type product where the product feels gritty and this helps smooths out your nails :)

I apply a little bit of this product on each cuticle...

Then just buff each nail by rubbing the product on the face of each nail/cuticles..after you do this to each nail then wash your hands in WARM water

STEP 6: I then take acetone on a cotton pad and clean my nails again to make sure that there aren't any more natural oils on my nails prior to adding my base coat! :) This will help prevent your polish from chipping...

STEP 7: Then apply a BASE COAT..this is definitely IMPORTANT! It will help strengthen your nails, help you polishes stay on longer, prevent chipping/splitting,... Putting on a base coat also will prevent polishes from staining your nails!!!

STEP 8: apply 2 coats or so of you nail polish and/or nail art

STEP 9: apply a TOP COAT!! also very important to seal in your color and help your finished nails last longer!! You can also add top coat every day or once every 2 days to help maintain the look of your nails!!

I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL..and again..this is just how I PERSONALLY maintain my nails!! If you guys have any tips for me or if I am doing anything wrong..let me know..comment me!!

THANKSSSSSS for reading :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

REQUESTS: 6 favorite lip products/ favorite MAC lipsticks :)

WOW FINALLY first real blog post (have been working on the layout forever)! okkk anyways back to the subject....

soo this post is going to lump together two SIMILAR requests that i have been asked to do! The first request was to show my top 6 lip products and the second request was to show my favorite MAC lipsticks!! :) so i thought i'd just share my top 6 first (most being mac products)...and then mention "honorable mentions" (more mac lip products) to fulfill the second request!! :) so i hope this makes everyone happy!!

This was requested by:
-jeeennn09 (6 favorite lip products)
-CHRISTINExBEHxBEH (favorite MAC lipsticks)
THANK YOU LADIES...for requesting this!! This is actually up on youtube...but i wanted to post up swatches so everyone can see the lip products more easily..

*note: most of the lip colors come out real sheer (because of their finish..lustre..glaze..) i tried to swatch them a lot to show the color..


First and foremost, number 1 position would have to be given to Burt's Bees. My lips definitely need some moisturizing!! They are definitely dry at times and get super duper chapped. But when I use this lip product it definitely softens up my lips, moisurizes and gives my lips that minty tingly feeling. It definitelty is "soothing, cooling, and refreshing"..just as it states!! I use this ALLLL the time..whether it be..when i leave, before i put on my makeup, before i go to the gym, before i leave anywhere, before i sleep..BEFORE ANYTHING! :)

Number just any lip buffer (these 2 work awesome). My first lip buffer was the CO bigelow metha lip buffer..the little sugar crystals help buff your lips and remove all the dead skin cells. I recently tried the MAC prep and prime lip refinisher..where half is an exfoliant (gray side with black dots) and the other half is the lip conditioner! I definitely like to use either one of these products!I do like both these lip buffers..but in my own opinion..i think that the CO Bigelow mentha lip buffer is a bit more harsh than the MAC one (but again this is my own opinion). I feel that MAC p&p is more gentle and conditions your lips even after you wipe the exfoliating beads off your lips! So like i said..i am kind of cheating here..since i did choose two different lip buffers! :)

Number 3 product would have to be my "go to" lipstick..this is MAC's lipstick in Freckletone. The finish of this lipstick is a lustre..and i loooooove it! This lipstick is kind of my "nude" lip color..i need some color in my lips so i dont look like im dying or i need a color that matches my skintone and is not lighter than it! I definitely reccomend this neutral peach lip color (especially if you are my skintone) :) Here is the swatch of MAC's i said this is a its not TOOOO pigmented but i seriously loove this color! <33

On to favorite lip product #4....its a MAC cremesheen lipstick in Shy Girl! This lipstick came out with the creme team collection. I love this color and it definitely is another nude color when applied to my lips. This is definitely more pigmented that freckletone lipstick (shown prior). Shy girl is described as a creamy neutral coral beige. It definitely has a bit more pink to it when compared to freckletone, but i love the creamy texture that this lipstick has to offer. :)

Number 5 (on my top 6 list) would be my MAC slimshine in BARE. This is another color that I love...its a very beautiful color! This is the only slimshine that I own, but I definitely would like to get more. I heard a lot about this particular one, so I thought I'd try it out! :) and guess what? I love it! Bare slimshine is described as a light neutral pink with pearl. I love the color and I LOVE the formula of the slimshines. They are definitely moisturizing, you probably don't even need to put a lip balm before applying this since it really does moisturize your lips, glides on super smooth, and gives your lips a shine (hence the name hah)!

Last but definitely not least, this lip product is yet another from the MAC creme team collection. Number 6 is a cremesheen glass in Boy Bait. I LOOOOOVEEE the texture of this cremesheen glass, it is NOT sticky at all it has a very smooth texture when applied and that is definitely a PLUS in my book! The formula plus the color (boy bait) = :) The color of boy pretty much all my lipsticks hahah but in a lipgloss!! I wear this cremesheen glass alone or over ANY of the lipsticks that I mentioned!! I cannot mention enough how much i love the feel and texture of these glosses..definitely different than the lipglasses, lustreglass, ....

To fulfill the 2nd request..and just because i love these too :)

CUTESTER lipstick from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection! This lipstick is a lustre so its not that pigmented but it does give you that glossy peachy/pink lip. PURRRFECT :) I love this lipstick as well..but it is limited edition :( The swatch of Cutester is pretty sheer...but it is described as a sheer peachy pink with pearl! and this color is definitely up my alley!! :) HELLO KITTY plus a peachy lip color = LOVE!

Honorable mention #2....Viva Glam V! :) this lip color can compliment any look and any skintone! This is part of the Viva Glam 100% of its proceeds go to the MAC AIDS definitely SUPPORT!! it goes to a great pretty much you are getting a lipstick for donating!! its a win win situation!! So grab your viva glam lipsticks! hahah :) The swatch of Viva Glam V is shown in the second picture(this is the only viva glam l/s i own..i should get more haha)..its described as a neutral pink with pearl. The swatch looks kind of dark because i put a bunch of coats so you could see the color since its sheer. I think this goes great with the more dramatic eye looks BUT it can also work with the neutral look as well! :) its beautiful and versatile!

Honorbale mention #3...MAC lustreglass in Love Nectar. This was one of my first lipglosses from MAC that i liked when i started to love the peachy lip colors (this is my second tube of love nectar lustreglass). It is a bit on the sticky side..but i still love the color and it gives my lipstick some extra goes great with most lipsticks!! Love nectar lustreglass is described as an ultrasoft apricot with pearl! :) it a gorgeous color, as you can tell from the swatch! I wear this alone at times when i just want a light peachy gloss on or I wear this on top of the lipsticks mentioned in this post!

Last but definitely not least, honorable mention number 4 is a MAC tendertone in Hush, Hush. MAC's tendertones are like a light/sheer tinted lip conditioner. These tendertones are moisurizing and come in a variety of can still probably find these at the Cosmetics Company Outlets/stores :) and at a cheaper price!! It also has a GREAT fruity scent to it..that i love!! Hush, Hush is like a very light PEACH/coral tendertone with gold shimmer in it. It looks beautiful on the lips and gives your lips a great sheer tint as well as moisturizes it at the same time! :) I especially love this color since it does have the coral tint PLUS shimmer :) its great when you don't feel like wearing TOO much on your lips!

This last picture is to compare the lipsticks/glosses/tendertone to one another!! :) so i hope this helps!!

A: MAC lipstick in FRECLETONE
B: MAC lipstick in SHY GIRL
C: MAC slimshine in BARE
D: MAC cremesheen glass in BOY BAIT
E: MAC lipstick in CUTESTER
F: MAC lipstick in VIVA GLAM V
G: MAC lustreglass in LOVE NECTAR
H: MAC tendertone in HUSH, HUSH

MY VERY FIRST POST HAS FINALLY COME TO A CONCLUSION..i hope you ladies enjoyed and were able to compare my favorite lip products!! Thanks again to the ladies who requested this :)