Monday, August 3, 2009


WOW!! So where have i been?!?


So first off... let me apologize for being MIA both on youtube and on blogger! :( Things have definitely been getting the best of me and I am definitely exhausted. So as most of you already know, I started my new job at the VERRRY end of MAY. So things were VERY hectic and stressing during that time..i definitely was learning A LOT about my current job..i was flooded with new information...just completely stressed out! I was still learning lots and also dealing with some rude customers... ARGHH! but I am definitely getting the hang of it..and am getting used to the system! :) so thats a good thing!!

I also have pretty much been working full time, which is a SUPER DUPER change from not working at all! I mean i've had other jobs before this one (retail when i was in high school)..but not an actual full time job! So i went from graduating from a university to studying independently to obtain a license for this im working full time. I am DEFINITELY not used to working 40 hour weeks.. and am still getting used to this routine lifestyle!! :(

MY ROUTINE (the past couple of weeks):
-wake up
-workout (30 minutes on the stairs, fat burning mode)
-cool down
-get ready
-finish work
-home (LATE evening)
-watch tv

YEAH...i am sooooo exhausted by the time i get home..that after work which is around 8-830pm i just want to knock out!!! especially since im still getting used to the 40 hr/wk.

BUT BESIDES this i'm still here.. im not going to let work keep me away from youtube and from blogger. I'm back!! and i just wanted to thank all those that have noticed i was missing..and have been asking where i've been!! no worries... :) im back!!

ANYWAYS...besides THAT update!! guess what?! im on the track to losing weight again! ughh! :( its a looooong journey that i seem to keep detouring from! Last year within 2.5 months (october-mid december) i lost about 35-40 lbs. I was getting closer to that body i've always wanted!! But somehow i detoured from reaching the finish goal! To get back on track..i started up again..this past week..its going to be a full week of diet AND exercise tomorrow! I started up again 7/28..and i will let you guys know how this works out! i'll give a short update every now and then to keep everyone updated and to also have you guys keep me in check!! i want to reach my goal by mid december (although thats 4.5 months from now) since im going to a family reunion. But i'll keep everyone posted with the results..bad OR good!

MORE TO UPDATE...GUESS WHAT (part 2)?! I got a new lappy!! I got the new apple macbook pro!! :) i decided to treat myself out since i've been working my booty off!! and my birthday just passed so i thought this would be my little bday present to myself!! happy birthday to ME! hahah!! im loving it..and thats what im using right now! whoohooo!

OK ENOUGH blabbing...this is what i get for not updating more frequently! hahah! :) but stay posted!! i'll be worries!!


  1. haven't seen your videos in a while and i got a little worried! i'm glad that you've found some time during your busy schedule to blog and upload videos. (: thanks for coming back!

  2. wow! congrats on the weight loss :)