Friday, May 29, 2009

REQUEST: Neutral look using drugstore products!!

Heyy ladies!! I am in the process of uploading a video on youtube at this very exact moment! HAHA it takes FOREVERRRR! anyways..this video was a request video (like most my videos hah) But I received 2 requests that were pretty similiar, so I decided that I should just combine the 2 and make everyone HAPPY :) So my first request was from livelovelexis and she asked me if i could do a neutral look using drugstore products! and my second request was from nadiaakhan and she asked if I could recreate my work/appropriate interview look but with less products! So this is the look I came up with! I hope you ladies enjoy!! :)) NOTE: pictures...EHHH hahahha! its like midnight! :(


Ok soo i cheated a bit because not everything I used in this look was from the drugstore! :X I didn't want to buy any foundation/powder from the drugstore because you can't even test them i was scared of buying the wrong shade! AND PLUS i already have a couple of MAC foundations/powders..i didn't want to spend money to add to the collection when I know I wouldn't be using it all that much! Especially during the summer I am definitely gonna stick to my MAC studio fix powder! its lightweight and I definitely don't need toooo much coverage! I also used my UDPP (thats a given)..and I used my shadester contour from MAC since I dont know of a good drugstore contour color! SOOOOO besides that and my face primer..everything else is drugstore! (i have good reasons though hahah)



-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-REVLON illuminance creme shadows(palette 710:Not Just Nudes:used 2nd & 4th color
-REVLON matte shadow: Peach Sorbet (lid color)
-REVLON matte shadow: Rich Sable (crease color)
-REVLON matte shadow: Vintage Lace (Highlight)

-Smashbox photofinish primer
-MAC Studio fix powder NC40
-MAC sculpt and shape duo: Shadester (contour)
-PHYSICIANS FORMULA: baked tan bronzer (cheeks)
-N.Y.C Chroma Face Glow: Sunstone (highlight)

-REVLON Mix & Mingle Lip Palette: Caramelt

I decided that I would just list all my products used plus pictures on my blog to make it easier on myself...since I would update the description box PLUS my took a lot of work! So I thought why not just put everything on here..since I do name every product used in my YT vids!! This is just easier on I don't have to update 2 things :))) Definitely start checking here..I will post SOME info in the YT description box..but not everything!

ANYWAY...i gotta get some sleep! I'm going to work finish up my pre-employment papers! :) and probably get trained! That is the main reason I thought I'd do this look again... :) because I'm going into work tomorrow! I'm definitely nervous and kinda excited! :X I don't really know what to expect since my jobs before this were just like retail jobs and teaching! sooo this is gonna be something new..I hope I'm not a klutz tomorrow! HAHAH! :)) Thanks the ladies who requested this!

AND TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS (both on blogger and YOUTUBE)...THANK YOU!!! i sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart...thanks for all your support and lovely comments :) On YT I reached over 1600+ subs in less than 1 1/2 months!! WOWWWZA!! and on here...20 subs.. :) That's not much..but it definitely is SOMETHING...and I THANK YOU!!! :) you guys inspire me to take time out of my day to create videos and to write blogs...all because of YOUUUUUU!!!!! I hope you guys are enjoying what I have to offer...and again THANK YOU (i can't say that enough!)

I will update AFTER my day at work tomorrow..HAHHAHA I don't even know what to expect! :X

And I will leave you with this...


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