Wednesday, May 20, 2009

REQUESTS: 6 favorite lip products/ favorite MAC lipsticks :)

WOW FINALLY first real blog post (have been working on the layout forever)! okkk anyways back to the subject....

soo this post is going to lump together two SIMILAR requests that i have been asked to do! The first request was to show my top 6 lip products and the second request was to show my favorite MAC lipsticks!! :) so i thought i'd just share my top 6 first (most being mac products)...and then mention "honorable mentions" (more mac lip products) to fulfill the second request!! :) so i hope this makes everyone happy!!

This was requested by:
-jeeennn09 (6 favorite lip products)
-CHRISTINExBEHxBEH (favorite MAC lipsticks)
THANK YOU LADIES...for requesting this!! This is actually up on youtube...but i wanted to post up swatches so everyone can see the lip products more easily..

*note: most of the lip colors come out real sheer (because of their finish..lustre..glaze..) i tried to swatch them a lot to show the color..


First and foremost, number 1 position would have to be given to Burt's Bees. My lips definitely need some moisturizing!! They are definitely dry at times and get super duper chapped. But when I use this lip product it definitely softens up my lips, moisurizes and gives my lips that minty tingly feeling. It definitelty is "soothing, cooling, and refreshing"..just as it states!! I use this ALLLL the time..whether it be..when i leave, before i put on my makeup, before i go to the gym, before i leave anywhere, before i sleep..BEFORE ANYTHING! :)

Number just any lip buffer (these 2 work awesome). My first lip buffer was the CO bigelow metha lip buffer..the little sugar crystals help buff your lips and remove all the dead skin cells. I recently tried the MAC prep and prime lip refinisher..where half is an exfoliant (gray side with black dots) and the other half is the lip conditioner! I definitely like to use either one of these products!I do like both these lip buffers..but in my own opinion..i think that the CO Bigelow mentha lip buffer is a bit more harsh than the MAC one (but again this is my own opinion). I feel that MAC p&p is more gentle and conditions your lips even after you wipe the exfoliating beads off your lips! So like i said..i am kind of cheating here..since i did choose two different lip buffers! :)

Number 3 product would have to be my "go to" lipstick..this is MAC's lipstick in Freckletone. The finish of this lipstick is a lustre..and i loooooove it! This lipstick is kind of my "nude" lip color..i need some color in my lips so i dont look like im dying or i need a color that matches my skintone and is not lighter than it! I definitely reccomend this neutral peach lip color (especially if you are my skintone) :) Here is the swatch of MAC's i said this is a its not TOOOO pigmented but i seriously loove this color! <33

On to favorite lip product #4....its a MAC cremesheen lipstick in Shy Girl! This lipstick came out with the creme team collection. I love this color and it definitely is another nude color when applied to my lips. This is definitely more pigmented that freckletone lipstick (shown prior). Shy girl is described as a creamy neutral coral beige. It definitely has a bit more pink to it when compared to freckletone, but i love the creamy texture that this lipstick has to offer. :)

Number 5 (on my top 6 list) would be my MAC slimshine in BARE. This is another color that I love...its a very beautiful color! This is the only slimshine that I own, but I definitely would like to get more. I heard a lot about this particular one, so I thought I'd try it out! :) and guess what? I love it! Bare slimshine is described as a light neutral pink with pearl. I love the color and I LOVE the formula of the slimshines. They are definitely moisturizing, you probably don't even need to put a lip balm before applying this since it really does moisturize your lips, glides on super smooth, and gives your lips a shine (hence the name hah)!

Last but definitely not least, this lip product is yet another from the MAC creme team collection. Number 6 is a cremesheen glass in Boy Bait. I LOOOOOVEEE the texture of this cremesheen glass, it is NOT sticky at all it has a very smooth texture when applied and that is definitely a PLUS in my book! The formula plus the color (boy bait) = :) The color of boy pretty much all my lipsticks hahah but in a lipgloss!! I wear this cremesheen glass alone or over ANY of the lipsticks that I mentioned!! I cannot mention enough how much i love the feel and texture of these glosses..definitely different than the lipglasses, lustreglass, ....

To fulfill the 2nd request..and just because i love these too :)

CUTESTER lipstick from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection! This lipstick is a lustre so its not that pigmented but it does give you that glossy peachy/pink lip. PURRRFECT :) I love this lipstick as well..but it is limited edition :( The swatch of Cutester is pretty sheer...but it is described as a sheer peachy pink with pearl! and this color is definitely up my alley!! :) HELLO KITTY plus a peachy lip color = LOVE!

Honorable mention #2....Viva Glam V! :) this lip color can compliment any look and any skintone! This is part of the Viva Glam 100% of its proceeds go to the MAC AIDS definitely SUPPORT!! it goes to a great pretty much you are getting a lipstick for donating!! its a win win situation!! So grab your viva glam lipsticks! hahah :) The swatch of Viva Glam V is shown in the second picture(this is the only viva glam l/s i own..i should get more haha)..its described as a neutral pink with pearl. The swatch looks kind of dark because i put a bunch of coats so you could see the color since its sheer. I think this goes great with the more dramatic eye looks BUT it can also work with the neutral look as well! :) its beautiful and versatile!

Honorbale mention #3...MAC lustreglass in Love Nectar. This was one of my first lipglosses from MAC that i liked when i started to love the peachy lip colors (this is my second tube of love nectar lustreglass). It is a bit on the sticky side..but i still love the color and it gives my lipstick some extra goes great with most lipsticks!! Love nectar lustreglass is described as an ultrasoft apricot with pearl! :) it a gorgeous color, as you can tell from the swatch! I wear this alone at times when i just want a light peachy gloss on or I wear this on top of the lipsticks mentioned in this post!

Last but definitely not least, honorable mention number 4 is a MAC tendertone in Hush, Hush. MAC's tendertones are like a light/sheer tinted lip conditioner. These tendertones are moisurizing and come in a variety of can still probably find these at the Cosmetics Company Outlets/stores :) and at a cheaper price!! It also has a GREAT fruity scent to it..that i love!! Hush, Hush is like a very light PEACH/coral tendertone with gold shimmer in it. It looks beautiful on the lips and gives your lips a great sheer tint as well as moisturizes it at the same time! :) I especially love this color since it does have the coral tint PLUS shimmer :) its great when you don't feel like wearing TOO much on your lips!

This last picture is to compare the lipsticks/glosses/tendertone to one another!! :) so i hope this helps!!

A: MAC lipstick in FRECLETONE
B: MAC lipstick in SHY GIRL
C: MAC slimshine in BARE
D: MAC cremesheen glass in BOY BAIT
E: MAC lipstick in CUTESTER
F: MAC lipstick in VIVA GLAM V
G: MAC lustreglass in LOVE NECTAR
H: MAC tendertone in HUSH, HUSH

MY VERY FIRST POST HAS FINALLY COME TO A CONCLUSION..i hope you ladies enjoyed and were able to compare my favorite lip products!! Thanks again to the ladies who requested this :)


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