Friday, May 22, 2009

NAIL CARE request! :)

So i've been getting requests on how I maintain my nails/nail care!! So I thought that I would share with everyone!! But in no way, shape, or form am I saying that this is the correct way to take care of your nails..this is just how I PERSONALLY take care of my own nails! :) I actually forgot to take a picture of my nails AFTER the whole process because I went straight into doing another nail tutorial (BOLD FUNKY nail look). So right now my nails are DID haha! Ok so onto the nail care steps....


STEP 1: Take off previous nail polish with acetone and cotton

STEP 2: File tips of my nails down (don't like to cut my nails) with a coarse nail file (**NOTE** make sure you file in ONE direction and a time, and NOTTTT back and forth....this will weaken your nails and your nails will be more likely to chip, break, split!!)

STEP 3: Use a cuticle softener to push down cuticles and scrape up the gunk off your nails HAHAH! :) (i am using Sally Hansen's Problem Cuticle Remover ~$3-4 and a Revlon nail pusher ~$5)

Take the cuticle softener and apply it to you cuticles first, then massage it onto the rest of you nail (concentrate most on the cuticles)

Then take your nail/cuticle pusher and scrape the gunk off your nails and push your cuticles down (**NOTE** you DONT want to cut your cuticles because you will be more susceptible to infection, your cuticles are a BARRIER)

you can also add some cuticle softener to the back of each nail (if you have longer nails) and scrape/clean underneath the nail as well :)

STEP 4: Take a more gentle nail file and file the face of each nail :) (im using a file/buffer that I got at walmart for about 97cents!!)

STEP 5: I take Sally Hansen's Cuticle and Nail Refiner....this is kind of like a exfoliant type product where the product feels gritty and this helps smooths out your nails :)

I apply a little bit of this product on each cuticle...

Then just buff each nail by rubbing the product on the face of each nail/cuticles..after you do this to each nail then wash your hands in WARM water

STEP 6: I then take acetone on a cotton pad and clean my nails again to make sure that there aren't any more natural oils on my nails prior to adding my base coat! :) This will help prevent your polish from chipping...

STEP 7: Then apply a BASE COAT..this is definitely IMPORTANT! It will help strengthen your nails, help you polishes stay on longer, prevent chipping/splitting,... Putting on a base coat also will prevent polishes from staining your nails!!!

STEP 8: apply 2 coats or so of you nail polish and/or nail art

STEP 9: apply a TOP COAT!! also very important to seal in your color and help your finished nails last longer!! You can also add top coat every day or once every 2 days to help maintain the look of your nails!!

I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL..and again..this is just how I PERSONALLY maintain my nails!! If you guys have any tips for me or if I am doing anything wrong..let me know..comment me!!

THANKSSSSSS for reading :)

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