Tuesday, May 26, 2009

boredededed.... :)

BUENO errrbody! :)

I thought I would update you guys since I had some free time on my hands! :) I thought that this would be the perfect time!! I am actually at my friend's place..just hanging out! I thought we were gonna have a "dance class" today haha..last sunday I came by not expecting to dance haha but a friend was teaching other friends to dance and they told me to jump in! hahha so i did! and i looooved it..it was like being in dance class again! It was definitely a type of dance that I haven't done before..HOUSE dancing! I caught on pretty quick and everyone was like WHOA..are you sure you haven't done this before? hahah i guess i learn dance quick since i took classes since i was in 3rd grade..and now i teach dance as well! :) But i started taking hula and tahitian classes..since 3rd grade..and then i started going to hip hop classes :) i was on my high school hip hop team and joined a san diego all-girl hip hop team! WHOOOHOO! Music and dance are definitely another passion of mine! :) I still teach hula and tahitian...and our group does paid shows as well as voluntary shows for good causes (just had a voluntary show 2 weekends ago for a breast cancer walk/event) :) anyways..im getting off track...

Sooo...like i said im at my friends house..cause i thought we were gonna dance again tonight! but the "dance teacher" isn't here! :( so i was just sitting around and waiting.. i was pretty excited cause it definitely is a workout! Last sunday when i started learning this new type of dance...i danced for about 2.5-3hours straight...and the next 3 days..i couldn't walk for crap! :((( my calves were sooo sore and tense ..just my legs in general! hahah it definitely is a good workout..i was sweating up a storm last sun! :) HULA/TAHITIAN(works out mid section of body) + HOUSE (works out legs) = PERFECT WORKOUT! HAHAHHAHAH!

AND another thing..(again i dont know if you readers watch my youtube vids) but in my introduction..i say that im just one of the guys..dont have too many GIRLfriends..and that i think im just one of the boys that has long hair and occasionally wears makeup! soo here i am waiting to dance in some effing baggy sweats..and a hoodie..with my nikes on. and here comes these 2 girls..super girly..flirting with the boys here..drinking..i dont know who they are! im super opposite from them! hahah awkward!! and here i am..in BAGGY clothes..being one of the guys..! i dont know..i just dont have many girlfriends..they are too much drama! HAHAH! :)

ANYWAYS...enough about dance..guess what?! well im not sure if you guys have watched any of my youtube vids..but i did mention that I went to an interview (when i did my work appropriate/interview look) and i got good news from them the week or so after..:) but it was just taking them forever to put me into their system and i didn't want to jump into any conclusions!! ..but i got a call today..and guess what!! im finally hired! whoohoooo! now i got some $$$$ to support me and my addictions! I graduated from UCSD with a bach of science in biochemistry and cell biology in 07...then studied on my own to get a technician license for "something"..and i want to gain some experience working as a tech..because i WANT to go back to school..but we'll see where that goes! :))) But im pretty excited..kinda nervous to go back to work!

And im still waiting to dance...but now im getting sleepy! its 1040pm here..and i feel sooo blahh now! haha i want to workout! thats why i want to dance! it definitely gets my heart rate sky high and i sweat up a storm :) im halfway to my goal weight..and i need to get back on track!

Until next time..im gonna keep "waiting"...HAHHAHA


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  1. i'm glad you're finally hired ! you deserve it (: and yes girls can be a bit troublesome sometimes (: lol & you don't even needa workout!